An interview with Gusarov Alexey Mikhailovich, the Dean of Faculty of Information Technology and Robotics.

The Faculty of Information Technology and Robotics is the largest one of our University. Students acquire knowledge in the field of information technologies, production automation, machine-building, instrumentation engineering and energetics. We had a conversation about the Faculty’s life, specialists’ training programs and the reasons to choose FITR with its Dean, Candidate of Technical Sciences Gusarov Alexey Mikhailovich.

Alexey Mikhailovich graduated from Vitebsk State University of Technologiy with the «Machine-building Technology» specialty in 1995. In 2016, he defended a thesis for the Candidate of Technical Sciences degree. Since 2017 and until the present time, Alexey Mikhailovich is the Dean of the VSUT Faculty of Information Technology and Robotics. His research interests include heat and mass transfer in textiles, textile materials science.

- Alexey Mikhailovich, your graduation from VSUT presents a peculiar fact of your biography. So, why VSUT?

The main criterion for higher education institution choice was the availability of technical specialties. I was keen on robotics back than and eager to fulfil myself as an engineer. I didn’t imagine myself in any other activity area, so that I chose a technical higher educational institution (Vitebsk Technological Institute of Light Industry, the previous name of VSUT).

- How do you recall your studentship? Is it the life prime indeed?

Certainly! That was the period when you realize possessing colossal abilities, and nothing seems impossible to you. Studentship was quite eventful, including absorbing educational activities with experienced teachers and lively communication with groupmates. We even stay in touch with some of them until today on working for the good of VSUT together.

- Describe the stages of your career, please.

I had to come quite a long and arduous, but at the same time engaging way. It started with my engineer job by postgraduate work assignment at Vitebsk Instrument-Making Plant. That was a school of hard knocks, which trained my willpower and taught me many things.

On having worked for a couple of years at the Plant, I got an aspiration to dedicate myself to scientific activity. I have already experienced research work back in my studentship under the academic supervision of Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Professor Makharinsky Yefim Ilyich.

I embarked on postgraduate studies in 2009, and Dr. Sc. (Engineering), the «Physics» Department Professor Kuznetsov Andrey Alexandrovich became my academic supervisor. Andrey Alexandrovich impressed me much, as I was amazed by his charisma and outstanding knowledge. That was the moment when my scientific career started.

Since 2010, I had been double-jobbing as a postgraduate student and assistant at the «Machine-building Production Technology and Equipment» Department. Then I had been in duty of a senior teacher, and in 2016, I became Vice-Head of the Department. Frankly speaking, I didn’t even suppose that one day I would become the Faculty Dean. Probably, Andrey Alexandrovich discerned in me something that I myself didn’t even thought of. Since March 1, 2017, I had been in duty of the Dean, and on April 17, 2017, I headed the Faculty.


- Name your major life principles and values.

I always follow the following ones: being honest to the others and myself and trust people. As you sow, so shall you reap. I do not hope for a lucky coincidence – I believe only in patient and relentless labour.

- Describe the Faculty of IT and Robotics and its specialties, please.

The Faculty of  Information Technology and Robotics is the largest one in the University for today. We are training over six hundred students, but I’ll tell you that much: this is not the limit. There are training programs for such specialties, as «Automation of Technological Processes and Production», «Information Systems and Technologies», «Computer Mechatronics», «3D-Technology for Product Manufacturing», «Technical Maintenance of Power Equipment of Organization», «Machine-building Technology».

It is hard to tell which programs are more popular with applicants. All the specialties are multi-faceted enough, so everyone can find an occupation to his or her liking.

- What feats do you consider FITR can be proud of?

To my mind, FITR major advance is our students and members’ success. Many of them are regular participants of such prestigious international professional skills contests as «World Skills», «Future Aces of Digital Engineering», the International 3D-modeling Projects’ Competition «3D Invention», where our students demonstrate the high level of professional training and win prizes.

Our Faculty is in rapid evolution. There are advanced laboratories with modern technical equipment being opened on its basis, and Faculty and academic staff is constantly actualizing their knowledge and skills, regularly does internship and courses for qualification upgrading. I am proud of the Faculty meeting the needs of the age and reaching new horizons annually on augmenting its potential.

- Are the Faculty graduates in demand? Which enterprises can they apply for a job?

Today our graduates are undoubtedly desired specialists at the employment market, and they are guaranteed to be provided with the first job. Many of them have job proposals from several companies to the moment of postgraduate work assignment. The knowledge gained at the University allow our graduates be with leading IT-companies («Techartgroup», «Andersan», «EPAM») and work at large-scale production enterprises (SPC «EvroPribor», JSC «Vitebskdrev», OJSC Machine-tool Plant «Krasny Borets»).


- If to peek in the further 10 years, then how can you describe the Faculty?

I imagine the Faculty of Information Technology and Robotics to be even more ambitious and progressive in 10 years. I believe that someday the Faculty will become the leader in top-qualified staff training for the fields of IT, production automation, machine-building, energetics. Our major purpose is to maintain and enrich everything that has been created through many years.

- What advice, regards and recommendations can you give to the future FITR students?

I am firmly convinced that there is no excessive knowledge. That is why I would like to give the future FITR students a piece of advice: be active, strive for new knowledge and upgrade your professionalism all the time! You future hinges on how deeply and elaborately you will have become proficient not only in highly specialized knowledge, competences and skills, but also general professional ones.


On choosing the Faculty of Information Technology and Robotics, you invest in your professional development, as you gain the possibility to learn from highly qualified teachers, embrace the latest technologies, implement your scientific potential and become a top-requested key specialist!