The candidates for studying in EE «Vitebsk State Technological University» who do not have either the appropriate level of knowledge of the language of studies or corresponding grounding in necessary subjects are admitted to the Preparatory Department attached to the University for the term of up to 1 year in order to study the Russian language and profile subjects in accordance with the speciality chosen on the basis of their request applications and contracts envisaging payment of the full tuition fee.

In case of the successful completion of the Preparatory Department course, the candidate receives the certificate and is enrolled as a first-year student of the faculty chosen.

The citizens of foreign states who failed to acquire the knowledge necessary for studying in EE «Vitebsk State Technological University» are sent down; they are to leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In individual cases, according to the resolution of Rector, the citizens of foreign states are permitted to repeat the course of studies at the Preparatory Department.The citizens of foreign states study according to the curricula and syllabi of EE «Vitebsk State Technological University». Having completed the course of studies successfully, the foreign students receive diplomas (certificates) of the set standards.

Pre-University Training for foreign citizens Vitebsk State Technological University

We invite foreign citizens to the preparatory department, the main direction of which is to teach the Russian language and additional general education disciplines in the following training profiles:

  • technical and engineering
  • economic
  • legal
  • medical-biolodical

Listeners who successfully mastered the program receive a certificate of the established type and have the right to continue their education at any of the faculties of Vitebsk State Technological University or any other institution of higher education of the Republic of Belarus.